Success is all about people. At InGell Labs we have a strong team focusing on the chemistry and structure of the polymers and turning them into working drug delivery formulations.

The management team of InGell Labs is formed by Jan Hendriks, Mike de Leeuw and Paul van Midwoud.

Leo de Leede is our resident consultant since the very start of our development. Martin Bakker is active as consultant developing new customer leads, and Theo Flipsen is our president of the board.

Jan Hendriks, PharmD, is CEO of InGell Labs, and has a series of successful experiences in setting-up, expanding and selling pharma-service and -technology businesses, with an academic training as pharmacist. He is also CEO of InnoCore, and active in various investor-activities in and around Groningen. He followed up Theo Flipsen as CEO of InGell Labs as of 2015. 

Mike de Leeuw, MSc,BBA is founder of InGell Labs together with Theo Flipsen. Mike has 30 years experience in starting-up and accelerating high tech/life sciences companies, coming from a MSc in Molecular Biology and Business Administration. Before InGell, Mike established DSM Biomedical, and initiated the Dutch public-private collaboration BMM. Mike is InGell's Chief Business Officer and responsible for business development and partnering. 

Paul van Midwoud, PhD, joined InGell Labs in 2013, and is the Manager Pharmaceutical Projects and lab director. Paul has a strong background in pharmaceutical analysis, coming from ETH-Zürich and the university of Groningen. He currently leads the lab team and he manages projects and operations with our customers and partners. 

Leo de Leede, PhD, has a strong background in pharmaceutical sciences. He fulfilled leading positions in Organon, Gist Brocades, Yamanouchi and lastly OctoPlus, always related to pharmaceutical product development including sustained drug delivery products. Leo has been connected with us since the very beginning, and is our consultant pharmaceutical product development and pre-clinical projects within InGell Labs. 

Martin Bakker, PhD, is active as business consultant developing leads with new customers. He has strong business development network in the field based on senior business development positions at InnoCore, Octoplus and PRA Health Sciences. 

Theo Flipsen, PhD, is co-founder of InGell Labs, and was our first CEO. Theo founded and led PolyVation, Polyganics and InnoCore. Currently he is CEO of PolyVation and President of InGell Labs.