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InnoCore Pharmaceuticals acquires InGell Technologies Holding BV

As of December 2017, InnoCore Pharmaceuticals has acquired a controlling stake in InGell Technologies Holding BV. The acquisition follows InnoCore’s mission to expand its portfolio of biodegradable polymeric sustained release systems for parenteral drug delivery.

InGell’s thermoresponsive hydrogels and liquid polymers allow the development of long acting injectables (LAI) that can be administered with small needles and that form a soft, localized drug depot under the skin. The InGell drug delivery systems are especially suitable for sustained release of small molecules and peptides. Due to their easiness of manufacturing, low costs of goods (COGs) and unsurpassed scalability, the InGell drug delivery systems provide a highly competitive alternative for PLGA-based sustained release microparticles and implants. Together with its extensive experience in development of gel-based drug delivery products and strong and long-lasting patent protection InGell has created a market leading proposition in the booming LAI field.

“The acquisition of InGell leads to an extended and improved service offering for our clients. With the combined InnoCore and InGell technologies, we can now offer the market an even broader portfolio of unique and highly competitive parenteral drug delivery systems for systemic and site-specific delivery of any drug molecule.” explains Jan Hendriks, CEO of InnoCore Pharmaceuticals. “The acquisition of InGell furthermore enables our clients to benefit from additional resources, shared knowledge and enhanced innovation potential.”

With its proprietary SynBiosys® biodegradable polymeric drug delivery platform, InnoCore has built a strong position in long acting injectables for sustained release of biological therapeutics. SynBiosys® microparticles and implants have proven to be robust and capable of long term delivery of high doses of peptides and therapeutic proteins and effective preservation of their biological activity.

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