InGell LQP and InGell Gamma are the two main delivery platforms we apply succesfully. They are based on PCLA-PEG-PCLA tri-block copolymers with aliphatic end-caps. This polymer concept has been originally invented by the same pioneering team under prof. dr. Sung Wan Kim at the University of Utah, who also invented ReGel (PLGA-PEG-PLGA block copolymers without end caps).

With the full-exclusive License from Utah and the additional inventions and patents filed and granted over the past 6 years, we have expanded the practical application for improved drug delivery tremendously. 

We have been enormously motivated to establish InGell Labs through our great collaboration and relationship with the late dr. Jorge Heller. It is with Jorge in the lead that we invented a thermoreversible tri-block copolymer system based on polypeptide middle blocks as a possible alternative to the PEG middle blocks. It is with deep gratitude that we think back to our intense and joyful collaboration with Jorge. We remember Jorge as one of the best controlled release pioneers we have had on this planet and it is fantastic that one of his last projects resulted in what InGell Labs has become today.