InGell LQP

InGell LQP is our novel drug delivery depot platform. LQP stands for LiQuid Polymer, and that is exactly what it offers: a drug delivery depot that only consists of your API and our injectable, bio-erodable polymer.

We use the same polymer-technology as InGell Gamma, but with shorter tri-block co-polymers. This renders the pure polymer to be a thin liquid at ambient temperatures, injectable through up to 30G needles... No solvents involved!

LQP has the same safety, in-use and CMC benefits as the InGell Gamma system, but with the following additional features:


  • Much longer retention and release of hydrophilic APIs such as proteins and peptides
  • Excellent maintenance of bio-activity of peptides and proteins
  • Stabilization of sensitive peptides
  • Up to 10x higher loading capacity  for solubilized hydrophobic small molecule drugs compared to the Gamma-system

The LQP-system is currently in development with customers in applications such as intra-articular drug delivery of small molecule API's and sub-cutaneous delivery of metabolic biologicals.

We also have collaborations on-going for slow release and localized delivery of proteins and vaccines in immuno-oncology.

I-LQP: these LQP-polymers have been end-capped with Iodine-units, making them visible in-situ under micro-CT. This offers safe and reliable opportunities for radiation therapy, positioning of solid tumours and visualisation of depots in-situ.