Ingell Gamma

"InGell Gamma" has been our first product platform and is based on PCLA-PEG-PCLA tri-block copolymers with aliphatic end groups. The polymers dissolve in water slightly below ambient temperatures, and will rapidly form hydrogels at pre-set body temperatures.

The unique features of the system tick all the boxes:

  • Simple and mild formulation in aqueous solutions
  • Smooth injection through 21-31G needles
  • precise delivery of 30 or 75μl in IVDs over 27G-15cm hamilton injectors!
  • Fast and effective gelling in situ
  • Low or no burst
  • Highest loading capacity of all injectable gel technologies
  • Suitable for small molecules, peptides and proteins
  • Sustained and localized release for days, weeks to months
  • No pH-drop during dissolution
  • Soft gels with sufficient strength
  • Quality consistent manufacturing and cGMP sourcing secured
  • Autoclavable for easy sterilization
  • Patent protected
  • Biocompatible
  • Safe building blocks, used extensively in numerous clinical products

InGell Gamma has been described as the next generation ReGel. It was invented by the same pioneering team of the University of Utah who invented ReGel. At InGell Labs we furthered the technology towards practical use for new pharmaceutical product solutions. Every day we become more surprised what the technology can do. 

In vitro data with therapeutic small molecule drugs, petides and proteins show that the release profile can be tailored towards release from one week to 8 weeks and beyond.

In vivo studies show that "InGell Gamma" hydrogels are very well-tolerated in various tissue environments (subcutaneous, intra-articular, intra-vertebral; rats, dogs and horses). Because of the high water content and absence of pH drop, the hydrogels are highly biocompatible even at the most sensitive tissue locations such as eyes, skin, joints and brain. This is complemented with the biomechanical softness of the gels eliminating any mechanical irritation effects. Also these macroscopic gels do not migrate from the injection site at all.