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Bringing forward new polymer-enabled drug delivery products in the area of pharma can be tremendously rewarding. Time frames, level of detail and risk mitigation are the challenging factors here. We believe we have a strong and unique company structure in place that will pave the road to success. Our growth strategy has started 'lean & mean' and we are now ready to invest to accellerate, so that we can capture the arising opportunities with major customers world wide.

InGell Labs is a great opportunity for investors with vision and a longer horizon. We are interested in partnerships with both financial and strategic investors that can add to the company's competences and ambitions.

We also offer propositions to investors for spin-off opportunities with focus on specific therapeutic areas and product-market combinations.
InGell Labs is currently developing a strong technology and product position in novel orthopaedic therapeutic solutions using our injectable gel technologies. The basic framework for creating the spin-off OrthoGell is ready for investment discussions. 

Please contact us through the contact form or directly call us if you are intested to learn more about InGell Labs and our investment propositions.