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We clearly see our customers as partners in business. We are certain that if your actives and our polymers and the unmet clinical needs join, groundbreaking product solutions will evolve. It is, however, not only technology that creates success. We also see trust, respect, fun and deliver-what-you-promise as important cornerstones for effectively successful partnerships.

Current customers are found within major pharma and specialty drug development companies, combination products and veterinary product companies. Their opportunities range from life-cycle management and product-line extensions, to dealing with unwanted side-effects that appear in early clinical trial stages, or completely novel treatment concepts.

In all cases our customers require:

  1. Controlled release of costly actives;
  2. Minimally invasiveness;
  3. Depots that disappear once they have done their job;
  4. Fast and complete feasibilities to get a bigger project on the road. 

If this matches your needs and opportunities, please contact us through the contact form or directly call us, and we can explore what InGell Labs can do for your business.