Running In-House projects

A number of projects are currently running at InGell Labs both strategically and customer-sponsored:

  1. Sub-cutaneous injections for the management of chronic metabolic diseases;
  2. Therapeutic vaccine development against solid tumours;
  3. Immuno-oncology application for check point blocking;
  4. Expansion of the clinical treatment of patient dogs for Lower Back Herniation and Degenerative Disc Disease by percutaneous intra-disc injection of InGell depots with anti-inflammatory compounds; 
  5. Intra-articular injection of InGell depots in horses, loaded with anti-inflammatory compounds for treatment of osteo-arthritis;
  6. Intra-cranial application of InGell depots loaded with small molecule drugs for the treatment of brain tumors;
  7. Dermal filling applications;
  8. Dermal dosing forms;
  9. Scaling-up and validation of cGMP-compliant polymers; 
  10. Shelf-life and biostability/biodegradation studies.